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cold cries, they want outside
thought full blood, want to heal
deep cuts, they want to be seen


feelings say no, you are cowardly!
no strength, helplessly
the feeling you are alone


cannot say which you feel, cry - so loud you can
you want to change something
you do not dare, make the first walked


in front of what fear?
the future?
the live?

why fear?

you now:
you are not alone
you have a chance
someone likes you!

what I want more?

I don't know

Fucking for you*

it was beautiful with you
but now it burns more badly than fires
in my soul, in my heart
I had dream with you
a new life, for good
without drugs
I had hopes
pieces of broken glass
with blood, in my body
no desire
everything all the same
no strength,to change something
you, your sentences
each word hurts
fuck it
fuck life, fuck you, let you fuck
for what do you live?
if without you it does not make a sense...
i missing you
cut, drugs, red vomited
each day the same shit
you are not here
lovesucks and lifesucks
directly WE
the words do pain it to think to say but…
I love you